A dedicated space

A stone’s beauty is measured by the stones that surround it. When I founded my boutique Rouge Rubis, I designed its layout like a stage, to display and reveal the essence of each individual stone.

I launched Rouge Rubis in 2016 in the charming town of Obernai, where I sell jewellery, gemstones, collectible minerals, quartz and healing stones. I designed a refined and welcoming space, where stones and jewels can radiate their beauty and light.

Spheres, pebbles and free forms, minerals, uncut stones and cut gems, are selected for their quality. As for the jewellery, I choose exceptional stones, set in traditional artisan workshops in Brazil or Vietnam to create minimalist yet elegant models. I assemble the gemstone necklaces, bracelets, and earrings myself. I choose strings of hand-cut natural stone beads and combine them with silver elements to create stunning designs.

The stones and jewellery I sell, as well as the materials used in the process, come from suppliers with whom I have built a fair and trustworthy relationship. Over the years, I have built partnerships with people who have a unique affinity with minerals and the lands they come from, and with whom I share the same wonder for stones.

Perfect cabochons

These ornamental stones – as striking as abstract paintings – are ethically mined and crafted.

The needle-like structure of sagenite agate, the signs and mysterious inscriptions of Chinese writing rocks, the arborescent patterns of the dendritic agate, the malachite’s fibrous green merging with the azurite’s vibrant blue, the pearly violet hues of the charoite, the wispy volutes of the blue lace agate, the turquoise awash with blue…
For these perfect cabochons and some cut stones, I have developed a close collaboration with a gem dealer specialized in North American and Mexican stones. He is also a lapidary and supplies me with cabochons from his own production. The materials he provides are stunningly beautiful, unusual and inspire creativity!

These North American stones come from small mining concessions and are often family-owned and operated in an environmentally friendly and humane manner. The gems are polished locally, the cabochons are rigorously calibrated, and the cut of the precious and fine stones is of the highest quality.
The gemstones are fully traceable, from the mining process to the cutting.
I then take them to a jeweller in Alsace, where they are set in silver.