In nature, I like to immerse my stones in a spring’s clear water or on a lake’s shore. Purification rites through water are universal, but beyond all the symbolism of purity, regeneration, salvation, fecundity and birth, water is for me the element of transition between the visible and invisible worlds, a fragile, porous threshold between the material and the immaterial. When I place my stones in flowing water, everything contributes to making these gems sacred: my gestures, attitude and purpose. Creativity is enshrined in the mindful gesture.

I have a special affinity with quartz and transparent quartz in particular, which I consider to be a stone that is highly initiatory. To restore my energy, I project myself through the power of imagination inside a quartz, placing myself at the centre of a cathedral of light. Quartz is also close to water: in ancient Greek, kristallos meant frozen water or eternal ice. Like water, a quartz point allows light to pass through it, but it also reflects light. Native Americans consider crystal to be water inhabited by a spirit.