An adornment that reveals you

Stones, whether in the form of a crystallised mineral or a jewel, stand out by their sheer presence. They shimmer, they scintillate and yet, they retain an element of mystery, a sense of discretion; they are visible but do not give themselves away outright. There remains a space of silence in the minerals and if you carry it within you, if you let the stone resonate within your own silence, the ornament really magnifies you. When connecting with a person who acquires one of my jewels and because of the relationship that I have with the gems themselves, it is important to me that the jewellery reveals the person who wears it.

If I am led to guide someone towards a piece of jewellery that seems to correspond to him or her, sometimes my instinct leads me to another piece of jewellery, another stone, which reveals something about the person that has not yet been expressed and which enhances them. The indescribable attraction that one can have for a particular stone and not another, the bond of intimacy that binds you to it, make a gemstone necklace an ornament that is not merely cosmetic. It is an adornment that affects the innerself.